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        Emerging technological production standards, the company uses the higher quality and capacity of our production we aim to deliver.

       This service company each kind of working understanding of the flour, semolina, wheat-producing machine, our company has the power to every capacity, turnkey machine installation and operation.

        According to changing conditions and demands, design focusing on the needs of our customers, improve equipment and facilities, on time delivery of orders, rapid installation, service and spare parts supply, unconditional customer satisfaction our first step.


       Flour Mill, Wheat Factory, Certified Wheat Seed and Screening Plant, Color Sorting Machine, Pre-Cleaning and Installation Systems.

        Our missio
         Mechanical recycling industry standard, or the most complex needs without compromising quality, fast, economical, reliable, easy to apply and develop engineering solutions can be adapted to different conditions, duty to accept the application.

         The fast-growing agricultural sector, to develop engineering solutions are sensitive to resource conservation, the total quality concept in full accordance with the presentation of products in domestic and overseas confidence in the sector by providing continuity and referenced in demand all over the world to create a brand, is our vision.


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