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* Semolina Seperating Machine Sifter

* Square Sieve

* Pneumatic Vals

* Vibro Flour and bran fnisher

* Semolina Breaker

* Airlock

* Sieve the Flour Control

* Rotoflow

* Mixer

* Vibro Feed
    Frame Screens, coarse grains and high grain flour and semolina factories of intermediate products formed during grinding, screening procedures, classification, separation processes are used according to the type and characteristics. Forming the main body of the machine that performs the task of sifting the real steel constructed cabinets in boxes placed at different calibrated sieve.
    With the center of gravity and weight bearing upper and lower sides of the central body and the body swaying in the classification of goods in the ground each passage through sieve boxes are clean and orderly manner.
Limited carries out operations in areas of high-capacity screening.
Safe passage to 28 are placed in each screening.
     Sieve cleaner to prevent clogging of the surfaces are placed tapetens.
The drive motor directly coupled to the chassis. The motor and bearings are easy to assemble and disassemble.
     Thanks for hanging in different shapes have the opportunity to work a minimum floor heights.
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